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Aerobic Weight Exercise - Combining the Greatest From Both Worlds

We have all heard of the benefits of cardio training and the great things it can do to burn calories, help your heart and generally keep you healthier and more vigorous. We also know of the benefits of weight training to build lean muscle for greater metabolism and losing weight. Most of what we have read revolves around is cardio or weight training better. This article is about combining the best of both worlds in an interval cardio training program that will yield the best from both, plus fight the boredom that will come on with too much routine.

The Mayo Clinic talks of interval training as a way to burn more calories while spending less time at the gym. It used to be what only high-level athletes did in their training sessions, but is now coming into vogue for the average exerciser. Interval training is merely alternating bursts of intense energy interspersed with periods of lighter activity. Cardio weight training will further throw weight training into the mix.

The advantages of this is to increase the number of calories you will burn, improve your aerobic capacity, build lean muscle as well as preventing you from losing interest. All this and you don't need any special or additional equipment. The interval of reduced activity should not be long, perhaps 30 seconds, as you don't want to sacrifice the aerobic advantage you've gained when you allow your heart rate to drop too long. When you bring weights into the workout, they should be smaller and the repetitions higher so as to not exhaust the muscles prematurely.

One aspect of this training that appeals to people is it can be customized by anyone to fit their individual needs. As long as both cardio and strength training are involved, whatever exercise routines you like can be incorporated into your agenda. The important thing is to raise your heart rate from the first exercise, don't take too long between segments, and keep cardiovascular activity prevalent throughout.

This is a suggested 20 minute circuit that will give you an idea of what you could do. Start with one minute of push-ups or bench-presses with light weights. Next you will do squats for one minute, followed by pull-ups for one minute. Three minutes on either a stationary bike or treadmill is your next stop, then one minute performing the military press. You will end the first half of the segment with stationary bike or jogging for three minutes.

The second half of the segment begins with triceps and leg extensions, and you will do each for one minute. Next you will do leg curls for one minute, and finish with two minutes of sit-ups and two minutes of crunches. The last-minute will be your stretching and cooling time.

If you're looking for ways to raise metabolism, this is the exercise agenda for you. This is only a suggested workout, and if you are just getting started it would be perfectly fine to ease into it on a more gradual basis. Also, you should feel free to substitute any other exercises that you choose that accomplishes the same thing. The important thing is to get out and do it, and as you go you will tweak it to the point that it will fit what works best for you.

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