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9 Things You Have To Know About Walking As Exercise

You know walking as exercise is good, but just could not squeeze it in your schedule?

Or you may have started a routine but got tired halfway?

You might be missing a lot!

There are lots of health benefits that one can get in walking for exercise. This is known to be a cure for ailments, makes stronger muscle and improves metabolism.
It is said that to get the best results; you must have a walking routine for a minimum of 40 minutes per day for 5 times a week.

There are many things you should understand about this type of exercise. Below are some examples...

9 Things You Have To Know About Walking As Exercise:

• Brisk Walking Burn Calories - you can burn excess calories by doing this exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, depending on the speed and weight of the person. For example, if a regular 125 lb person walks for 30 minutes with the speed of 3.5 mph a day, that person burns 108 calories. And if a 200 lb person does the same routine with the same speed and duration, he will lose 172 calories.

• Control Blood Pressure - University studies showed that walking is effective in decreasing the peak of blood pressure. A person who does their routine 3 days in a week helps their systolic blood pressure to decrease by 5 points.

• Memory Improvement - one benefit of this type of exercise in improving memory. Many research found out that as people grow older a part of the brain called "hippocampus" starts shrinking, which causes forgetfulness and memory loss. Walking helps in improving the memory by increasing the volume of hippocampus.

• Reduce Hip and Limb Fracture - it is a weight-bearing exercise that helps in increasing the density of the bones especially in the hips and lower back. As you grow older, this exercise will reduce the risk of hip and limb fracture.

• Decrease Depression - walking for exercise alerts chemical release in the brain linked to feeling happy, and calming it by raising the body temperature. This exercise will serve as a distraction, boost social interaction, and become a therapeutic form of relaxation.

• Control Type 2 Diabetes - it is said that physical activities are necessary in controlling type 2 diabetes. Walking routine plus a diet therapy is useful for patients with diabetes, since it decreases absolute hemoglobin value, improves insulin sensitivity and glycemic control.

• Good for Immune System - according to studies, this type of exercise helps in our body's immune system by fighting off viral illnesses like flu and colds. It is said that a moderate-paced routine between 30-40 minutes a day will increase the levels of immunity boosters present in the body.

• Increase Stamina - durability and air intake in the lungs are improved when you do this type of exercise routine. And it will make your heart stronger, power up your energy level, give your leg more strength and have an active lifestyle.

• Minimize Risk of Heart Attack - brisk walking can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Studies show that walking 1.5 miles a day cut the risk of having the disease in half compared to those who do not.

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